Adultery - proving cheating

We provide proof of that cheating on me!

Do you have an unpleasant gut feeling but don't you dare to trust it completely? Do you have a strong suspicion that your partner is cheating on you? Then you've come to the right place on this page.

A gut feeling can often tell you more than you'd like to believe. Justified doubts about the reliability of your partner often say enough about the chance that you are right. Understandably, you want evidence first and then decide whether to confront your potentially adulterous partner.

Nobody wants to make rash decisions when it comes to their relationship or marriage. If you don't have an exact idea of the cause of the breakdown in the relationship, how can you arrive at a good solution? We provide proof of cheating so that you can be sure of this.

When proving cheating:

  • We look at the activities of your partner
  • We provide the evidence (including images)
  • We help prove that you are right and confirm your feelings.

What are approx costs of an investigation?

The costs of such an investigation differ from case to case. After all, evidence can only be provided after observations and that simply takes time. Fortunately, there is generally a pattern to estimate; a (daily) rhythm of the partner in this case. Based on this pattern, we make a plan and plan the observations. In this way the chance of success is greatest. Before we start observing, this plan will of course be discussed in detail with you.

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