Partner alimony investigation

Partner alimony investigation into live together

Unfairly paying (too much) spousal maintenance has never made anyone happy. We at Strongwood understand that this can be a huge burden and it can have an enormous impact on your mood and daily functioning. U.S spousal maintenance investigation  will deliver you from this. We investigate facts that the ex-partner may be confronted with; determination with proof that the ex-partner is cohabiting again. Do you also want to stand up for the judge with an official official report? Strongwood can certainly help you with this.

Not only does our partner maintenance research have a fixed price, there is also a guarantee that it can be carried out with results. This is because we always do a preliminary investigation first and this will not cost you a cent extra!

Since 1997 we have a success rate of over 95%.

What is important in a spousal maintenance investigation?

We are happy to tell you that! It is of course a shame that you pay spousal maintenance, especially when it turns out not to be entirely justified. For an alimony investigation it is important that the correct manner of action is taken when there is a suspicion that the ex-partner is living together or, for example, is doing much more paid work than is known.

Have a maintenance investigation carried out and turn your suspicions into factual evidence so that you also end the unnecessary payment of partner maintenance.

With our legally valid, independent and official investigation report (report), a request can be made to the court to reduce or completely stop partner alimony.

The Supreme Court has set clear criteria when partner alimony may be reduced (to nil). To maximize the chance of success, our working methods and unique research formula are based on this. We officially work with the  '(together) Housing percentage' methodology.

It is of course important:

  • Demonstrating a lasting affective relationship with the new partner
  • Proof of cohabitation with the (joint) Housing Percentage
  • Demonstrating a common household.

We do the partner maintenance investigation but work with you to collect evidence. By working in this way, you stand much stronger in your rights.

It is also very important that our investigation complies with all aspects for a legally valid Article 1: 160 Dutch Civil Code (BW) procedure.

We are specialist and founder of various case law

We are the national specialist in this field, partly because we have successfully completed many cases in the field of partner maintenance since 1997. Over 95% of our business in reducing partner alimony to nil is completed successfully!

More importantly, Strongwood has been the founder of a number of cases where jurisprudence has been made regarding alimony investigation. Like:

  1. The ability to recover research costs
  2. Reclaim already paid partner maintenance in the past
  3. And, most importantly, the acceptance of the renewed (co-) living percentage.


Do you want to know what an investigation costs? No problem! We have made the costs transparent on the following website:

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