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Need help at a missing?

Unfortunately, it happens that people disappear from our environment. We offer help in the event of a missing person, usually we do van missing report to the police. It often turns out that the police only start searching 24 to 48 hours after the disappearance. This is because they are bound by judicial rules and are often very busy. Of course they keep a list of wanted and missing persons.

The first 72 hours can be of vital importance in a missing investigation.

When a loved one suddenly disappears, it seems as if the world is ending. Those who are left behind often do not know what to do with the nagging uncertainty about someone's whereabouts or well-being. What happened? Is my loved one still alive? What is the reason for the disappearance? What can I do to find him or her?

We can help you in case of missing persons and are available immediately without waiting times.

What can we do with help out?

What we can do includes:

  • Advise from a professional point of view
  • Tracking in accordance with a professional search plan
  • Spokesperson on behalf of the family to third parties (media, police, etc.)
  • Observing third parties to trace the person
  • Determine location based on mobile data.
  • Other digital forensics.

Ask that we often get

When will the police see something as missing?

  •  If, against reasonable expectation, someone is absent from his or her usual or safe environment
  •  His or her whereabouts are unknown
  •  It is in his / her interest to determine his / her whereabouts
  •  If you are dealing with the disappearance of a minor or adult who meets all three of the above police criteria, you are dealing with a missing person.

What do we mean by acute danger?

  •  If, against reasonable expectation, someone is absent from his or her usual or safe environment
  •  If the person in question suffers from dementia
  •  The person is suffering from depression, psychosis or exhaustion
  •  The person could potentially be a danger to themselves
  •  The person was (presumably) involuntarily taken away by third parties. For example, by strangers (kidnapping, loverboys, human trafficking) or by family (relationship problems, forced marriage)
  •  If you suspect that the missing person could be or has been a victim of assault or murder.

What to do if a minor goes missing?

  • Call 112: Report missing of a young child under the age of 12 to the police
  • Be the first to search for the most dangerous places in the immediate vicinity such as: water, roads, construction sites, wells and places with a risk of collapse. Then in the less dangerous places
  • Also search for your child's favorite hiding places
  • In the meantime, call all parents of friends, school, family and acquaintances
  • Go in person to the nearest police station.

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