Investigation of blackmail

Research into blackmail and extortion: Prevent escalation with professional help.

The feeling of freedom of movement seems obvious, but can just be taken away when you are a victim of blackmail, extortion or sextortion. Even if you are not a well-known Dutch person, CEO, influential chairman, local entrepreneur or politician, you are not guaranteed to be protected against these dangers. To prevent escalation, rapid action is necessary and that requires great discretion.

Strongwood can help you if you have become a victim of blackmail or extortion. With a mountain of experience in blackmail investigations, we can stop the problem completely within a very short time frame. Our unique working method ensures that we can often achieve results within a month.

Giving in to blackmail is never the best option. It will always keep going, even after an initial payment that you thought was the only thing. That's why it's important to never give in and get professional help. Whoever gives in enters an agony that can end in a few ways:

  1. You can no longer provide the required services or do any favors
  2. The vulnerability ceases because the cause is limited or generally known
  3. You become financially exhausted.

Never give in! Don't pay but call in professional help immediately.

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With an investigation into Blackmail can we stop it

Do not hesitate to submit your problem to us. Trust that we are really used to something because of our years of experience. Since 1997 we have worked on many well-known and lesser-known blackmail cases, always finding a solution, even in the worst cases. When conducting a blackmail investigation, we offer our clients:

  • Advice and guidance in the case
  • Identifying the culprit (s)
  • Catching offender (s) during their actions
  • Taking over the communication regarding the offender (s)
  • Ensuring the safety of you, your family and / or colleagues
  • Keeping (media) attention out of the picture.

Never give in to blackmail!

Read more about some simple tips and options here that will help you deal with a blackmail attempt and maybe get rid of it without any harm to yourself, your family and/or business.

Our team of expert people are ready to help you stop blackmail, extortion or sextortion. We understand that this is a very sensitive matter and therefore treat your case with the utmost discretion.

Contact us today and take the first step towards a solution to your blackmail problem.

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When is something blackmail?

Article 317 Criminal Code

He who, with the intent to gain unlawful advantage for himself or another, by force or threat of force, compels someone either to surrender any property that belongs in whole or in part to this person or to a third party, or to incur a debt or to cancel an inscription, or to make information available ”.

Article 318 Criminal Code

He who, with the intent to gain an unlawful advantage for himself or another, by threat of libel, defamation or disclosure of a secret, compels someone to hand over any property that belongs in whole or in part to this person or to a third party, or to incurring a debt or canceling a debt, or making data with monetary value available in trade, is considered guilty of threatening to threaten.

Article 216 Criminal Code

He who deliberately assaults someone's honor or reputation by charging a particular fact with the apparent purpose of publicizing it, is punished as guilty of reproach. If this is done by means of writings or images, distributed, openly exhibited or apprehended, or by documents the content of which is openly played, the perpetrator, as guilty of defamation, will be punished.