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Need a private investigator? We provide help through research!

As a detective, we can help solve problems and gather evidence through various forms of investigation.

private detectiveYou probably know it from the movie: the private detective. What many people do not know is that many companies, but also individuals, use a private detective on a daily basis. In the Netherlands, the term part detective or private researcher used.

"A private investigator is someone who collects and analyzes data, usually to solve or prevent an unlawful act or crime."

Whether gathering evidence for a legal case, tracking down a missing person, or uncovering infidelity in a relationship, a private investigator can help gather information that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

A private investigator's job often involves tracking people, conducting observations, interviewing witnesses, and searching public records. To be successful in this job, a detective must have excellent investigative skills, a good understanding of the law and ethical standards, and the ability to work discreetly.

An important part of a private investigator's job is reporting findings to the client. This often includes writing reports, producing photographs or videos as evidence, and giving testimony in court. A detective's success depends on his or her ability to carefully and systematically collect and analyze information.

In short, a private investigator can be a valuable help to individuals and companies in need of professional investigations. Possessing excellent investigative skills, legal knowledge and the ability to work discreetly, a detective can help gather information that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

Do you have a problem and do you not see a solution yourself? Then chances are that we can help! Our professional and discreet working method allows us to collect solid evidence. In many cases, this saves our customer time, money and, last but not least, 'worries'. Our evidence is, of course, due to our license issued by the Ministry of Justice, official evidence in court.

Police don't help in civil cases, a private investigator can!

In many cases, the Police or other institution cannot help, for example because it concerns a 'civil' matter. As a private investigator, we can help restore peace of mind. Our working method includes strict confidentiality, is very effective and can be deployed in the short term to solve the problem.

As a private investigator, we are happy to help

For detective agency Strongwood, no bridge is too far or mountain is too high. Truly helping the customer is our priority. Whether it concerns observing a person, object or address, gathering information, polling a mobile phone, digitally tracking a car, tracing goods or people or conducting thorough investigations in a sensitive matter, the team of Strongwood is available 24/7!

Our expertise includes:

  •  Specialized private detective work
  • Specialized desk research professionals
  • Expert crisis management
  • Access to global information sources
  • Behavioral specialists for, for example, interviews and confrontations
  • Infiltration and Corporate Espionage.

Research in it abroad

Our studies are certainly not limited to the Netherlands alone. We have already successfully conducted various studies worldwide. We have a worldwide network of specialists for both companies and individuals. Curious about what Strongwood can do for you across the border? Our team is ready to answer any questions.

What does it cost hire a private detective?

The costs are of course different for each study. It depends entirely on the scope of the investigation. For example, if an observation has to be made, you have to deal with many man hours, which can increase the costs of the research.

We do not charge any costs for the intake, not even for telephone advice. Did you know that in various studies it is even possible to recover your research costs? Strongwood can also advise you here.

Do you have help or advice required?

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Why choose Strongwood Detective?

Strongwood since 1997

Official license under POB809

Screened by the Dutch Police

Specialists in independent investigation

Independent evidence for court

Available 24 hours a day

Can be used worldwide

Known from Television

Can I Want to become a private detective?

Of course you can, but you don't just become that! First a detective training and you will have to get the diploma that is mandatory, otherwise you are not allowed to work in the field. We have a e-learning private researcher where you can obtain the compulsory private researcher diploma.

Of course you also have to be screened by the Justice and Police after obtaining the diploma. In addition, it is of course necessary to simply gain experience and knowledge to really help a customer!

OBSO1 mandatory with us

The minimum requirement to enter into a collaboration with our agency, to work as a private detective or private investigator or to be hired as a freelancer for research or observations, for example, you must have at least one OBSO1 in addition to the compulsory diploma.