OBSO1 - basic observation training

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All the basics in this book are written from the premise that you are only going to follow a subject. In practice and at most detective agencies, observations are always made with two or three observers.

Observation, whether electronic, by car, on foot, or in a fixed position, is an essential skill for any private investigator. More than 80% of the cheating, spousal maintenance and fraud cases include surveillance. A high percentage of the evidence discovered is used in civil cases.


This training is tough and lasts 6 days and concerns external (you will be away for 6 days) Our observation courses serve a fairly wide target group and are of course suitable for anyone who wants to learn to conduct observation at a very professional level.

No specific prior education is required for this training. The costs are inclusive e-learning, workshop (s), 3 weeks preparation, 6 days training, exam and stay.

Many investigation & security companies at home and abroad make this observation training mandatory before fieldwork can be done. This training is also often done by social investigators from municipalities.

Each training is given by professionals who have also worked in the field for years.

OBSO1 one quality requirement

For several years now, we (just like our partners) have had a quality requirement: everyone who works for us must have at least an OBSO1 diploma if you are deployed as an observer.

Why? Because everyone speaks the same language and can observe at a high level, you can make use of each other's services and therefore always have people available who deliver quality.