Strongwood e-learning in collaboration with Global Security Training

A fact from October 1, 2021 - Strongwood e-learning Because we have been providing training in the traditional way since 2000 and are also very good at it, we have been busy looking at possible collaborations to be able to offer everything even better. Of course, we couldn't stay behind on the digital front either. Together with Global Security Training, we have worked hard in the background over the past year to make this possible for everyone. (more…)

OBSO1 - basic observation training

The OBSO1 Observation Basic Training Let's assume for a moment that you want to record the behavior of a business partner or employee, who suspects that the non-competition clause has been violated or that he incorrectly reports illness. Or that you have to follow someone to see if they are cheating. Or that you have to track your client's daughter to determine if she's using drugs. How can you do this unobtrusively? After this observation Basic training, which is very tough and absolutely unique, you are immediately able to follow someone well and professionally in every situation. An observer is responsible for tracking and observing subjects unseen. The daily tasks of the observer are preparing observation actions (reconnaissance), dynamic observation in vehicles and on foot and of course reporting all actions in a correct manner. All this makes the observer the most important player in the game of chess...