Hack control phone or laptop

We are happy to help track down of a hack or spyware on your phone or laptop

Why a hack check? Mobile phones, tablets and laptops usually store a lot of personal data that can even find data from recent years. You probably use your cell phone on a daily basis to send text messages and emails, save voicemails, send photos or videos to friends, family or your partner, browse the web and social media – the list goes on.

What if someone had access to all of your personal information? That would be an absolute disaster.

Of course, there could be any number of reasons why someone would gain access to your device. For example, we often see that a partner often wants to know more than they should. Also in business terms, an employer may have decided to keep an eye on you. Left or right it just isn't allowed. 

Of course you can enter this article read up on how to check that. However, do you need professional help, you don't know how to do this or you don't trust it yet? We can of course help you.

What are the costs for such a hack check?

The correct costs depend very much on what exactly is going on and what exactly we have to check. We have created an online form for this to send the information to us. After sending you will of course receive a quote from us.

You should take into account that a professional check will soon amount to € 1,000 excl. VAT or more.