Crypto research & change

Crypto transaction research.

We call it crypto research & change. In today's world there is a lot of trading in crypto currency, such as bitcoin, ripple, ada and so on. You see this happen a lot within criminal networks, but it can also happen with fraud within your organization crypto coins if the bitcoin, ripple or ada happens.

Strongwood has one expertise in research into various forms of crypto coins, the tracing of its origin and more importantly: the final destination.

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Nowadays a lot is invested and traded in crypto currency. This business can be very lucrative if you know how it works and handle it properly. Unfortunately, investing and trading in this online money is not always completely unsafe and there are quite a few risks involved. It is difficult to estimate when you trade online, who can and who cannot be trusted.

Bitcoin exchange for money - we have verified fair buyers

Strongwood not only offers crypto research & change but also has a network of parties that crypto-currency shopping. Strongwood can make the transfer between you and the people in our network as smooth and secure as possible. We guarantee the full preservation of the assets, both yours and our network's, by acting as a trustworthy one broker under escrow, resulting in a fair transfer. That's what it's about!

What is an escrow? The escrow is an amount that is deposited with a third party for the benefit of two other parties in a transaction. The escrow is often used as a guarantee for payment and to limit financial risk in a transaction.

Our escrow agents act independently, with integrity and reliability. We ensure that everything goes according to the KYC and AML rules and we take care of the handling.

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