Digital investigation

We help with every cybercrime research

“Cyber security is not an IT issue, it is a boardroom issue”. A quote from the British privacy regulator ICO in its press release about the imposition of a record fine on a telecom provider. True as a cow! Today we live in a digital age, so the consequences that cybercrime can cause are incalculable.

Also in the field of cybercrime Strongwood is the party to advise on security, solve cyber-related issues and conduct research.

What can we do with cybercrime research?

Strongwood provides companies with the professional digital investigation expertise needed to resolve conflict through truth-finding and critical analysis. Our experts help with internal cyber investigations. Various cyber issues can pose serious risks to businesses and their stakeholders. This includes damaging reputation, disrupting business activities and exposing information to potential criminals.

Strongwood's research services and expertise have already helped many clients by conducting investigations quickly, discreetly and with minimal interruption business activities to be carried out. Our expertise includes:

  •  Cybercrime investigation
  •  Red team testing
  •  Expert crisis management
  •  IP traces
  •  Cell phone location traces
  •  Digital vehicle monitoring

Strongwood has the worldwide expertise and resources needed to pursue activity in the field cybercrime to investigate. We use a whole range of research strategies to identify, for example, system vulnerabilities, intrusions and data exfiltrations.

To research advice on cybercrime investigation

Prevention is better than cure. For example, when there is a data breach, our specialists will help determine the cause of the data breach burglary to find out. However, we understand that this does not completely solve the problem. Strongwood therefore goes one step further.

Strongwood offers a comprehensive range of investigative resources for effective investigation of cybercrime. This goes from it collect and analyze from data to conducting fraud and internal company investigations. To achieve the desired research result, we combine computer forensic expertise with traditional research methods, such as interviews and observations, to trace the behavior of persons who may have (or had) access to protected or sensitive company information.

Subsequently, the person concerned will be confronted with the findings in a professional manner. Of course this will not happen without consultation with the client.

When the investigation is complete, you will receive a clear report containing all findings. This report can be used in any legal proceedings as the investigation was carried out in a forensically responsible manner. The judge can review the evidence obtained and include it in the judgment.

In addition, it will be evaluated how the system can best be protected against future attacks. We collect and investigate physical and digital evidence to discover important information about an incident. In this way it can be determined how an incident could have occurred and thus prevent a recurrence in the future.

Support with lawsuits

Whether it concerns answering a (forensic) investigation question or an information security incident, the forensic specialists Strongwood have extensive experience in providing legal process support.

With the help of the digital investigation, depending on the specific need, we can make statements, affidavits and police report necessary to support the case. All information collected and the main findings of the study are included here.

We can also serve as expert witness on almost any topic related to digital information.

Can your business use help?

Our cybercrime investigation specialists are available 24/7. You can contact us at any time for free advice. If you think your company could use an investigation or advice, we will quickly draw up a thorough plan of action so that a discreet investigation or advice can be started as soon as possible.