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It is increasingly common for an investigation, or part of an investigation, to take place abroad. In Strongwood's long history, we have conducted extensive research outside the Netherlands for Dutch but also foreign clients. This concerned both company investigations and private detective investigations.

A well-known example of this was our much-discussed investigation into the death of Madeleine McCann but of course also of Ivana Smit, which has been successfully completed (watch the documentary here).

How can I make a research abroad let it start?

If you have a problem that may occur outside the Dutch borders, please feel free to contact our investigators. By entering into a free consultation with us without any obligation, we can discuss the problem and the associated options. In a very short time we will present an action plan and budgetary agreements can be made.

Strongwood can help abroad?

Does your company have a foreign branch but are things not going as it should? Is there theft, is there a competitive approach, is there too little supervision, which means that employees are seriously absent? Do you suspect that your ex-partner who lives abroad is living with a new partner? Is your partner suspected of adultery while abroad? Whether it is a corporate investigation research or a private detective research. Strongwood's specialists are ready to assist you help today.

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