Housing fraud investigation

Housing fraud investigation

Housing fraud is a problem that should not be underestimated. But what is housing fraud then exactly? It is defined as:

“All forms of unlawful habitation, unlawful re-letting and unlawful use of the house”.

Experience shows that housing fraud is often accompanied by illegal activities and / or nuisance and insecurity for local residents. Strongwood can help through a housing fraud investigation and guidance in the next steps.

What can housing fraud in your neighborhood mean?

In most cases housing fraud a negative influence on the quality of life of the neighborhood. We can tell that from experience illegal subletting is often accompanied by noise nuisance, a surplus of household waste and neighborly quarrels, just to name a few. This can create an unpleasant atmosphere in the neighborhood and an unsafe feeling for local residents.

Local residents often know that there is housing fraud. What not everyone is aware of is that this is a matter to take seriously and tackle!

What are the consequences of housing fraud?

Unauthorized use of the home is often associated with illegal practices. Feel free to think of things like cannabis cultivation, prostitution and (drug) trade. This not only has consequences for local residents, but also for the landlord or property owner. The neighborhood can suffer enormous image damage, but the image of the landlord / property owner can also be greatly damaged if no action is taken.

A housing fraud investigation is in many cases not only desirable, but also necessary.

What do we do for research?

Irregularities around a particular address are established by means of observations. If necessary, this is supplemented with a targeted neighborhood survey after consultation with the client. The scope and duration of the investigation differs per case. This is often due to the findings during the observations.

During the investigation, the client is kept informed of the findings and progress of the investigation. The next steps are continuously discussed with the client.

When an investigation has been completed, a confrontation interview will take place with the investigated if desired. Strongwood can assist in this, of course, this can also be completely relieved and Strongwood will conduct the interview.

Strongwood will produce a detailed report with evidence of the entire investigation. With this report legal steps can be taken; our reports have the status of 'objective testimony' in court.

Of course, Strongwood will be able to assist and advise during the legal steps that may result in eviction.

Do you have a suspicion of housing fraud?

Please contact us so that our investigator can advise you immediately. In addition, an action plan will soon be drawn up so that the research can start quickly. Strongwood is of course also available outside office hours.

Do you have help or advice required?

Please give us a call 020-3690030