Theft or other form of corporate fraud

Theft or other form of businessfraud

There are countless examples of this corporate fraud to name. Theft of company property or information is a common issue. This too can happen in various forms:

    • Employees who do business with non-existing suppliers
    • Employees who pass on sensitive business information to the competitor for a fee
    • Financial fraud or phishing (CEO fraud) on behalf of the CEO

Strongwood can advise you in detecting possible leaks, also internationally, thanks to our worldwide network of professionals.

Do you have a suspicion that there is fraud committed within your company? In any form: Strongwood also has the field of corporate investigation all relevant services in house.

Which you run a risk exactly with corporate fraud?

Incidents are often jealously kept out of the media, but is it thought that the problem could be of business interest or even harm the national interest? Business information can quickly be worth a lot of money. Consider, for example, how much money the company has spent in the development of a new product or a marketing campaign. And how much would the competitor want to be informed of this early in order to take advantage of it?

Also consider submitting large quotations. Would be the same competitor do not want to know what you offer and then offer the same product or service cheaper? Passing on such information is also considered theft and corporate fraud.

Make no mistake: fraud within a company is more common than you think. Take a tour of the department where sensitive information is processed. What do you see then? Information often stays behind on the desk, in the trash or on open computers.

Victim of fraud within a company and help required?

We are the real specialist in this area. Partly because we have successfully completed many cases in the field of corporate fraud since 1997. We can also help your company by checking whether the company is safe enough, for example save teaming, or assist with an acute problem.

Need a lawyer? No problem! We have a large number of law firms in our network who can help and are familiar with us, our working method and our official reports.

The Strongwood team is always ready. Contact us without obligation, submit the problem so that a sound advice or action plan can be made as soon as possible.

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