Digital forensics

Digital forensic investigation

Do you ever realize that your entire business administration fits on a USB stick or, for example, is stored somewhere in the cloud at the touch of a button? This puts you at great risk of falling victim to corporate espionage or corporate fraud. For example, consider:

  • Sending confidential company information to private accounts or to third parties over the Internet
  • Unauthorized persons viewing certain business sensitive files
  • The wrongful transfer of money
  • Committing time fraud by visiting all kinds of non-work related websites during office hours
  • Sending threatening e-mails anonymously

If your cybersecurity is not watertight, your company can also fall victim to this. Strongwood specializes in doing digital forensics, also at company level.

Digital forensics on my farm?

A fraudulent employee using a company computer will always leave traces behind. Strongwood has specialists in the field of digital forensics with years of experience, including at various government services.

With the help of specialist equipment, we are able to read virtually all types of mobile phones, tablets and GPS systems in addition to computers and networks. For example, traces left behind are searched for and analyzed.

By combining digital forensic investigation with tactical investigation, you will find out which form of it fraud committed, how this was done and above all: by whom! It is also being investigated how the company can be prevented from falling victim to such fraud again in the future.

During the investigation, our specialists will put all the facts on the table and also advise on the next steps you could or should take.

what is being done during a digital investigation?

During a digital forensic investigation, our specialists search the often complex digital environment of the organization. Relevant data from all possible data carriers such as hard disks and backup tapes, but also information that is transported as streaming data over networks, is secured.

Our specialist then provides insight into this data, an extensive analysis is performed and all data interpreted. After that, the person concerned will be confronted with the findings in a professional manner. Of course this will not happen without consultation with the client. When the investigation is fully completed, you will receive a clear report containing all the findings. This report can be used in any legal proceedings as the investigation was carried out in a forensically responsible manner. The judge can review the evidence obtained and include it in the judgment.

Can your business use help?

Our specialists in the field of digital research are available for you 24/7. You can contact us at any time for free advice. If you think your company could use a digital forensic investigation, we will quickly make a thorough action plan so that a discreet investigation can be started soon.

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