Brand fraud investigation

What's trademark fraud?

Before conducting a brand fraud investigation. As a company you are proud of your product. We have worked hard for years to establish a certain formula or create an image of a Brand to build. It can be hugely harmful to your business when your product or brand is the subject of trademark fraud.

Inventors, designers, developers or authors can protect their work through the intellectual property law. This means that others cannot use the creations unless permission has been given. Protection of your product, name or formula can be done by, for example, patent or copyright.

When an external party makes, uses, resells, rents or delivers the product without being asked to, then intellectual property rights are infringed. The problem is very extensive worldwide. All types of products and raw materials are sensitive to IP theft (intellectual property), for example:

  • Fashion items and clothing
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Software
  • Fragrance, pharmaceutical and agrochemical formulas
  • Financial models and algorithms.

How can I track my product protect against brand fraud?

Failure to develop a comprehensive strategy to protect intellectual property and brands can cost a company millions, losing competitive advantages and ultimately its ability to compete.

Taking action to prevent such incidents is essential, and when an incident does occur, preparation with a prompt and thoughtful response is crucial. Strongwood works strategically with clients and their legal counsel in brand fraud investigations to manage and protect against theft, counterfeiting, diversion and misappropriation:

  • Customer data
  • Trade Secrets and Trademarks
  •  Patents.

Strongwood's expertise in a brand fraud investigation lies in the combating the import and trade of counterfeit goods by means of computer forensics, purchase research, observation and litigation support.

What can Strongwood in brand fraud investigation mean to me?

Strongwood is experienced in trademark fraud investigations as well as investigations of data breaches, IP loss and theft and patent infringement including the physical tracking of counterfeit products in the supply chain. Strongwood offers a unique and tactical approach to brand protection services and IP protection. We provide these services including physical security, cybersecurity, operational security and HR advice.

When intellectual property is sensitively or critically compromised, Strongwood's professionals work with the client and their counsel to:

  • Investigate loss
  • Identify those responsible
  • To be supported in associated process and repair work.

Strongwood has conducted extensive research into the largest black and gray market IP compromises in various industries. Think of clothing, consumables, electronics and healthcare. This always resulted in identification of the perpetrators, resulting in criminal prosecutions and civil fines.

What services does Strongwood provide protect my brand?

Our global team of brand fraud investigation experts effectively investigate and support intellectual property disputes including loss quantification in counterfeiting and intellectual property infringement.
Our services include:

  • Various research services
  • To gather information
  • Market surveillance and enforcement
  • Integrity assessment of employees
  • Research into suppliers and supplier integrity
  • Testimonial from experts
  • Sample purchases and identify offenders.

Victim of trademark fraud?

Have you fallen victim to some form of trademark fraud? Or do you want information about preventive protection of the intellectual property rights? Then you are at the right place at Strongwood. Contact us without obligation so that we can discuss all the options in a clear conversation.

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