Sickness absence research

Illegitimate absenteeism

A sick employee is very annoying. This could cost the company a lot of money. In addition to the sick employee having to continue to be paid, you may have additional costs for a replacement, a possible decrease in productivity, increased pressure on colleagues and so on. When it is suspected that the unlawful absenteeism this can increase the pressure even more. This is unacceptable for you as an entrepreneur, but also for colleagues. The Department corporate investigation van Strongwood has extensive experience in researching unlawful absenteeism.

Do you suspect that the employee not 'really' sick is?

Do you have a suspicion that the employee is not really ill, for example because of the sounds of third parties or an experience in the employment history? Just to dispel those doubts, so that there is no extra pressure or a diseased work atmosphere, it is worth having an absenteeism examination done. In many cases, there appears to be some truth in the suspicions that are at play. Many studies conducted by us had the result that a sick employee even performed work elsewhere during his sick leave to earn extra money in this way.

Do not let your company, but also colleagues, be the victim and initiate a sickness absence investigation.

Unlike many occupational health and safety services, we act practically and directly. We only focus on factual circumstances. By means of, among other things observations we examine whether the employee is really ill and does not seem to enjoy his 'free time' or is even performing other work. Of course it may also be the case that the employee is indeed sick and no form of absenteeism fraud is seen at all. Then it has research in any case, can remove those doubts and in that respect peace will return to the workplace

Unfortunately, in practice it has often turned out that the sick employee who is suspected of fraud is actually working for a competitor, is doing odd jobs or is starting up his own company. The latter could of course also lead to the loss of customers because the employee, for example, offers the same service for a lower price.

What do we do for research?

After determining the unlawful absenteeism, by means of observations, among other things, we provide a legally valid report and, of course, provide expert strategic and legal advice. For most of our customers we also have the confrontational conversation with the employee, or we will assist the customer in this. Nine times out of ten, this interview results in a dismissal on the basis of a settlement agreement.

The next steps can be, for example:

  1. A confrontational conversation with the employee
  2. Dismissal (with immediate effect or dismissal with a settlement agreement)
  3. Accompanying dismissal through the courts.

Naturally, the approach differs from case to case.

Do you have a suspicion?

Please contact us so that our investigator can advise you immediately. In addition, an action plan will soon be drawn up so that the research can start quickly. Strongwood is of course also available outside office hours.

Do you have help or advice required?

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