Company investigation with quality

Cases where our Company investigation can help

Company investigationAs an entrepreneur with a heart for the business, you work hard, but sometimes things don't seem to be going quite right. Think of theft, leaking of sensitive company information, misuse of company property or violation of competition clauses. Fraud within a company can take many forms, but one thing is certain: Strongwood's corporate investigation department can help you with this.

If corporate investigation we provide advice and collect evidence for our clients. With our extensive experience, expertise, network and partners, we are able to quickly offer a solution, advice or plan of action. Do you have a problem for which you don't see a solution? Then consider company research. Our professional and discreet approach allows us to obtain important information and collect evidence, which can save time, money and worry.

Of course we also deliver services for private individuals.

Working method of our company investigation department

After receiving all information, we draw up a no-obligation order confirmation with a strategic plan, in which the legally permitted resources are discussed. We can conduct targeted digital investigations, go through financial and administrative matters, interview witnesses and those involved, install discrete cameras, observe and more.

We almost always conclude the investigation with an interview with the person concerned in the context of a hearing and drawing up an official report. This can be used in an employment law or civil law procedure, or as part of the police report.

We do not only conduct investigations in the Netherlands, but worldwide. We have already successfully completed many foreign studies. View the possibilities for international investigations.

What kind of research can we help?

At Strongwood Bedrijfsrecherche we can assist you in various types of investigations, such as observing a person, object or address, gathering information, probing a mobile phone, digitally tracking a car, tracing goods or persons and conducting thorough research into a sensitive issue. But of course we are also happy to help with one of the following investigations:

When does it become business research made use of

Company investigations are generally conducted for the following reasons:

  1. To comply with regulations.
    Companies often have policies that require an investigation to be conducted after an incident. For example, this could be a whistleblower report, an incident of workplace violence, or an accusation against an employee.
  2. To expose misconduct.
    Many cases begin on the basis of a suspicion of misconduct or fraud. This often involves crimes such as embezzlement, non-compete fraud, property theft, data theft, espionage, technical fraud and sabotage.
  3. To determine the cause of incident (s)
    Accidents can happen even if there is no fraud involved. An investigation can determine who or what caused a problem and why. Reasons for an investigation may be to determine whether employees have used drugs or alcohol, whether proper procedures have been followed, whether certain organizational policies and departmental oversight have been followed.

Is the subject of your desired research not listed? Ask our specialists. We can fast help out.