Strongwood South

Strongwood South

Strongwood South

Strongwood detective agency now also in the south of the Netherlands

Strongwood detective agency has been there for you since 1997. With a network of specialists, we can assist you worldwide in the most diverse matters. Our head office is located in Amsterdam, which does not alter the fact that our investigators are spread all over the country. Since January of this year, our service has been expanded slightly: Detective agency Strongwood has entered into a partnership with MAEZ Consultancy and this has resulted in Strongwood South born!

The quality you are used to from us, but established as a private detective in Eindhoven. The same working method, the same skills, but with a soft 'G'.

How did Strongwood South come about?

As you may know, detective agency Strongwood gives starting private investigators the opportunity to learn the trade. This is done by offering internships, but also by giving the observation training OBSO1. After working as a private researcher for some time, the owner of MAEZ Consultancy decided to take the latter route as well. There was an immediate personal and professional click with Strongwood owner Nico van den Dries. There was no doubt whatsoever about mutual trust and close cooperation was soon established.

For a long time she worked under the wing of Nico in various observations and investigations, and later also as an instructor in the observation training. In this way, various specializations were taught to the professional, trusted 'Strongwood manner'. De Brabant is enthusiastic, curious and eager to learn. For Nico, this seemed like the right formula to expand the service of Strongwood detective agency. A partnership was formed and Strongwood South became a fact.

What does Strongwood South have to offer?

The service and working method of Strongwood South is the same as that of Strongwood in Amsterdam; there is close cooperation. However, an extra office in the Eindhoven region is a practical advantage: we are close to you everywhere. In addition to Eindhoven, think of 's-Hertogenbosch, Breda and Tilburg, but Strongwood South will also be of service in Limburg, Zeeland and Gelderland.
Are you looking for a detective agency in these regions for investigations, among other things partner alimony, unlawful absenteeism, trademark fraud, stalking and non-competition clause: Strongwood South is also at your service as a private detective and company investigator!

Would you like to get in touch?

Would you like to get in touch to discuss a certain matter without obligation and discreetly, or are you just curious, please contact us via 085-3010402. Please note: that soft 'G' is not a lie!

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