Strongwood e-learning in collaboration with Global Security Training

Strongwood e-learning in collaboration with Global Security Training

From October 1, 2021 a fact - Strongwood e-learning

Because we have been providing training in the traditional way since 2000 and are also very good at it, we have been looking closely at possible partnerships to be able to offer everything even better. Of course we couldn't be left behind in the digital field either. Together with Global Security Training, we have therefore worked hard in the background over the past year to make this possible for everyone.

Never stop learning and keep growing

Learning is a lifelong journey that never actually ends. Stop thinking you can't, start learning.

Under the common domain name SSF One we now offer e-learning specifically for the security & investigation sector. Think of courses like Private Investigator, The observation training courses OBSO1 and OBSO2, but also courses such as Personal security and various Travel Security courses.

What is e-learning?

It is actually not easy to give a good description, since the views on e-learning are quite different. We see it as a good way to make distance learning possible. Of course still with the good guidance of expert teachers with solid professional knowledge.

In our e-learning environment we focus on:

  1. Providing all necessary information in a simple yet good way
  2. Clear texts (although we sometimes cannot escape the complicated legal texts.
  3. Support with explanation videos
  4. Good structure of quizzes to test your knowledge


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