Better safe than sorry! Preventive observation

preventive observation

Better safe than sorry! Preventive observation

Preventive observation: 'Better safe than sorry' is a saying that currently applies to every Dutch person. In this corona era, everyone is suddenly extra aware of their surroundings. Bee Strongwood this proverb has been discussed almost daily for years, by which I refer to our activities in 'security'. Did you know that a large part of our safety work consists of a preventive observation?

What is a preventive observation?

Preventive observation is when an observer (or even an entire observation team) keeps an unobtrusive eye on a particular environment, person, or location. The aim is to collect information with which a threatening situation can be signaled in advance, an incident can be prevented, potential perpetrators can be identified, a file can be built up (for example, for reporting) and so on.

Unfortunately, nowadays it is increasingly necessary for companies or individuals to take these preventive observation measures. Think of well-known or wealthy persons or families who may be the target of criminals or persons who are in hiding because they have become victims of a loverboy or a family drama. Preventive observation has been widely used in recent years. Rightly so, because again: better safe than sorry!

How do we help you with a preventive observation?

The method of implementation differs from case to case. In one situation it is desirable that we operate completely unseen, in another case it is beneficial if we are conspicuously present, because this can also give a warning signal.

Because a problem, threat or other anomalous situation can be identified at an early stage, the necessity of using other security methods, such as specific unobtrusive personal security, can be avoided. In this case, this is of course advantageous for the freedom of movement of you as a person, the privacy of your family or staff, and to speak in current terms: a preventive observation is completely corona-proof as physical contact with the VIP is not necessary at all.

Would you like to know more about preventive observation?

Our customers come first, also with preventive observation. This means that we not only offer the best, but also the most appropriate security. For this we first make an analysis of the situation. On the basis of this analysis we make observation strategies and plans, entirely according to the wishes and needs. Of course while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and discretion. Our specialists have an extensive background in this field. Due to their many years of experience in work for the government, secret services, private and business customers, they have a professional vision on unconventional security methods.

Do you want to know more about preventive observatione.g. also consider counter-observation, save teaming and so on, please feel free to contact us.
Our team is available 24/7 via 020-3690030.

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