5 tips for suspected corporate fraud

5-tips-suspected-corporate fraud

5 tips for suspected corporate fraud

When is something fraud?

Theft, deception or corruption, many entrepreneurs have unfortunately already had to deal with it. Of course you hear afterwards that you could have prevented things. This kind of talk is of course no use anymore, it has already happened.

Some of this kind of type of fraud are;

Of course it can happen that one of the above problems occurs within the company. Keep in mind that in addition to suspicions and suspicions, you really need evidence and facts. Control of your staff is of course possible by law, but you are walking on a thin privacy cord.

That's why our 5 tips in case of suspected corporate fraud.

Tip 1. Check your organization.

Make sure underlying contracts, house rules or other documents are clear about fraud, misuse of computers, non-competition clauses and sick leave regulations. Carry out periodic checks and ensure that these are also recorded.

Tip 2. Set up scenarios.

Go with a specialist to record scenarios in which certain things occur. In this way, the company already has a script in case something happens.

Tip 3. Discuss signals in meetings.

Addressing signs of fraud in a meeting may help prevent misconduct spontaneously or make employees who think about it realize it's on the company's agenda to check.

Tip 4. Provide solid evidence.

Is there something serious going on? Then do not look for evidence, carry out checks, announce audits or make observations yourself. Enlist the help of specialists such as a detective agency like us or the police. Evidence must be independently established.

Tip 5. Check the options for dismissal.

Make sure to contact an employment lawyer who understands such dismissal procedures. It is always better to be prepared for a dismissal procedure. You cannot simply accuse an employee of fraud and fire them.

The website of the CVV has a clear brochure composed on the subject of internal crime, feel free to read it too.


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