5 Tips for Stopping Blackmail

5 Tips for Stopping Blackmail

5 Tips for Stopping Blackmail

The information available to the blackmailer, whether correct or not, can often have a harmful effect on you as a victim when exposed. That is also the reason why someone blackmails: the victim is expected to give in to the demands set.
Regardless of the nature of the blackmail, there are ways to fix it. People who blackmail are often subtle and more experienced than you. Therefore, seek help from a professional who can assist you in this.

Giving in to blackmail is never (ever) the best option. When you give in to blackmail, it will always continue, even after an initial payment that you thought was the only one. Thinking about taking the law into your own hands is also the wrong option and will probably only get you in more trouble.
The following simple tips and options will help you deal with and perhaps get rid of a blackmail attempt without causing any harm to yourself, your family and / or business.

Tip 1. First, ask yourself if there is any ground for blackmail

In some situations, the blackmailer can just be a cheap bluff. This is where fair self-evaluation comes into play. Is there really any ground for the blackmail? Is the blackmail really harmful? Can it last? These are some of the questions you should ask and answer for yourself. We assume that there are reasons for blackmail and if not, you should not go into the requirements: in that case, there is nothing to be gained.

Tip 2. Taking away the blackmail option

This step will quickly end the blackmail game. Indeed, for a blackmailer it is often a (chess) game. The leverage of the blackmailer is that he knows exactly what information he has and what the potential of the harmful effects is on you as a person, or those close to you. When you make this information public (in a coordinated manner) yourself (among friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues), you immediately remove the blackmail tool and the pressure on the blackmailer is removed.

In the event of a physical threat to 'nothing', we recommend temporary provision of a so-called Safehouse and preventive observation (unobtrusive security) to take. In this way you also immediately remove the threat.

Unfortunately, this possibility of disclosure does not always appear to be an option because it has too much negative impact for the family, the family or company.

Tip 3. Contact a professional

If tip 2 is not an option in your case, then search help from a specialist in such matters. A specialist like Strongwood knows how these things work, how a blackmailer works, and what are the best options for stopping it. It is always better to spend money on an expert than on a blackmailer.

A specialist can work with you for:

  • Analyzing the threat and possibilities
  • Protecting you, the family, the family or business for as long as the threat lasts
  • Providing a thorough plan of action
  • Stopping / removing blackmail table good
  • Shielding it from any media
  • Doing or assisting in reporting and / or legal proceedings

Keep in mind that the police or judicial authorities can only do something if there is actually cause for it or when a criminal offense has been committed.

Tip 4. Contact the police

Obviously this is a way to counter the blackmail and make the blackmailer pay for his / her actions. The disadvantage is that there is no 'control' over it and therefore no insight into when the solution will really be there and sometimes the necessary (media) attention cannot be ruled out. When you contact contact the police and the case is serious enough for them (there must therefore be clearly a criminal offense), an investigation will follow to find and prosecute the perpetrator (s).

Tip 5. Give in to the blackmail

Whichever way you look at it, that is of course an option, but in our view not an option to consider. A decision like this is usually made by those who don't want other people involved. In this situation you would even want to believe that the perpetrator (s) will not come again asking for more money. Unfortunately, this is usually the case. I really advise you to read tip 3 again, call us and make a plan for the campaign.

Important is: never pay! Consult a specialist to help and don't do it yourself.

Do you have questions or need specific advice? Do not hesitate and call us on 020-3690030.

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