10 signs to tell if your phone contains spyware

10 signals to tell if your phone contains spyware

10 signs to tell if your phone contains spyware

Mobile phones and tablets usually store a lot of personal data that can even find data from the past years. You probably use the cell phone on a daily basis to send text messages and emails, save voicemails, send photos or videos to friends, family or your partner, browse the web and social media - the list goes on.

What if someone had access to all of your personal information? That would be an absolute disaster.

But why would someone spy on you? There can be several reasons why someone is spying on your phone. Maybe your phone contains important business data that a competitor wants to know about, your spouse wants to know if there is a potential affair or someone wants to hack your checking account.

Maybe you have an important job or a job with a lot of responsibility. For example, scientists, journalists, judges, or other government officials can all be potential targets for bad guys.

So, how do you know if someone is spying on your cell phone and what can you do about it?

Unfortunately, even a strong password on your phone will not protect you from malicious spyware. There are plenty of spy apps on the market that can track all your cell phone activity without your knowledge.

In this guide, I'll give 10 ways to see if someone is spying on your cell phone and how to stop it.

How to know if someone is spying on your cell phone

There are a few signs that should ring the alarm bells and could indicate the possibility that your cell phone is infected with spyware that tracks and possibly even watch live activity.

The signals vary and are sometimes difficult to recognize. When you recognize the typical characters, it is not that difficult to determine if spyware is installed on your device.

PAY ATTENTION: At all times, an ANDRIOD or other phone is simply easy to hack and removing or detecting spyware on such a device is extremely tricky and often impossible to do yourself. If you have an IPHONE or an IOS / APPLE device, the chance that your phone contains spyware is considerably smaller. Make sure the device is always up-to-date and it is preferable not to use iCLOUD; then it is virtually impossible to use spyware undetected.

10 signs to tell if your phone contains spyware.

1. Abnormally high data usage (data traffic)

Is your monthly data usage unusually high? Then there is a chance that someone has installed a spy app on your device. Generally, lower quality spyware tools use a significant amount of data to transmit the collected information from your mobile phone.

On the other hand, the top-notch spyware in the market requires much less data to transmit the collected information from your phone. It is almost impossible to tell if you have advanced spyware installed on your device in the monthly data usage history. Also check that no VPN is running on the device

2. Mobile phone shows signs of activity in standby mode

Apart from the standard incoming calls, messages and other standard notifications that trigger activity on your mobile phone, your mobile phone screen should not turn on / light up in standby mode. Unexpected sounds should also ring alarm bells that something is wrong.

3. Unexpected restart

Does your mobile phone reboot for no apparent reason, or without doing it yourself? In that case, it is not unlikely that someone will have unauthorized remote access to your mobile phone. And if someone has remote access to reboot the device, I'd be surprised if that was all they can do or see.

4. Strange noises during conversations

In the past, telephone lines were not always stable and without weird background noise. Today's networks usually have a strong signal and a stable connection. Therefore, it is not normal to hear strange clicking noises or distant voices interrupting your conversations. If you often hear voices in the distance, and you are sure it is not someone near the person you are talking to, there is certainly a possibility that your conversation is being overheard.

5. Unexpected text messages

Have you received strange looking text messages? A message containing a variety of weird symbols, random numeric strings, or other characters usually indicates the possibility of a spyware on your cell phone.

Poor quality spyware uses this kind of 'coding language' to communicate with the remote function. And in this case it is a sign that their software is not working properly.

6. Deteriorating battery life

An obvious indication of spyware on your cell phone is if your cell phone's battery life suddenly drops significantly.

Spyware on a phone monitors all activity and sends these recordings to a third-party device. In addition to the previously discussed increase in data usage, the cell phone is likely to lose battery percentages at an unusually fast rate due to the presence of spyware.

When spyware is recording with the camera or speaker, it will drain a significant portion of the phone's battery - especially considering the phone was idle at the time.

If you're not sure if it's just an old battery or real spyware, just test it by using a different set of batteries or try your own battery in a different device. Then measure the battery usage

7. Battery temperature increased

This is one of the least obvious signs as a cell phone battery temperature can also be linked to a wide variety of technical issues.

However, if you have never experienced an increase in battery temperatures before and you have not used your phone but it is still relatively warm, it could be caused by spyware sending data to another device.

8. Extended shutdown duration

Similar to a PC, which always shuts down all active processes after you decide to turn them off, a mobile phone follows exactly the same routine.

The mobile phone closes all running processes before shutting down completely. Therefore, it will take quite a bit longer for a phone to shut down if it also has to cancel all spyware data transfer activities.

This is especially true when you have been actively using the phone.

For example, maybe you just ended some calls or texts and then tried to turn off your device, and that took an unusually long time. It can be caused by the software still running in the background and recording the newly generated data.

9. Problems shutting down the device

Are you having difficulties turning off your device? It could be a sign that your cell phone has spyware. Usually, spyware continues to run in the background and you can shut down the device completely.

If the cell phone backlight doesn't seem to turn off to a completely black screen then it's likely that a spy app is causing it.

10. The cell phone is getting slower

The latest mobile phones are equipped with powerful hardware and software. The phone should be able to run many different apps at the same time.

When you feel that the cell phone is suddenly showing signs of a significant speed drop, it may be remotely controlled and monitored.

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