Company investigation

Cases where our Company investigation can help

You are an entrepreneur, you have a heart for the business, you work your way around and yet something does not seem to go quite as it should. Think about theft, passing on sensitive Company Information, abuse of company property or violating one non-competition clauses. There are endless examples of this fraud within a company, but one thing is certain: the department corporate investigation from Strongwood can assist you in this.

If corporate investigation we mainly focus on advising and collecting evidence. Thanks to our many years of experience, extensive professional knowledge, extensive network and specialist partners, we can very quickly offer an answer, solution, advice or a clear plan of action.

Do you have a problem for which you do not see a solution or are you unable to put your finger on it? Have you ever thought about a company investigator? Our professional and discreet working method allows us to retrieve important data and collect evidence. In many cases, this saves our customer time, money and, last but not least, a lot of worries

Of course we also provide services for private individuals, these can be found here.

What can we do with help out?

Whether it concerns activities such as observing a person, object or address, gathering information, polling a mobile phone, digitally tracking a car, tracing goods or people or conducting thorough research in a sensitive matter. Strongwood company investigators can fully assist you in this.

Is the subject of your desired company investigation research not in between?
Ask ours specialists. We can fast help out.

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