There are possibilities rarely

Not very often the opportunity is given to delve into this fantastic profession and become a real private investigator!

People who want to work for us (internally and externally) are first of course obliged to in any case to have started the training private investigator. This training is compulsory for anyone who wants to work as a private investigator in this profession. Don't worry, you can register with us for the self-study, through this link.

Second it counts for us diploma OBSO1 as a minimum requirement. Every year we have a number of times when it is given (check this page for which ones are available). During this observation training you will also gain a lot of practical experience in addition to the much-needed theory. Not only does it give you a head start in the field, but if you are 'good enough' a place within our team and in our network of various college offices.

Never trust to general impressions, but concentrate yourself upon details.

Current vacancies

For our office in North Holland we are still looking for a very flexible junior observer who wants to learn the field of observer or who wants to work as a freelancer

Send your CV and have a chance to win a spot in our team.


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