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Private investigations in the Netherlands

As private investigator we focus mainly on counselling and finding evidence. Through our years of experience, professional knowledge, network and specialist partners, as a customer you will get a quick answer, solution, advice or a clear plan of action.

Have you ever thought to hire a private investigator? Do you have a problem for which you do not see solution? With our professional and discreet working method we can find important data and do evidence gathering for you. This saves you time, money and in many cases not to mention ‘ care ‘.

Police can not help you, we do!

In many cases, the Police or other institutions can’t help you, because it is a ‘ civil ‘ issue. We can help you as a private investigator to give your peace of mind back. The working method of Strongwood private investigator includes a strict confidentiality and very effective in the short term can be used to solve your problem.

A private investigator can help you

Whether it’s private investigator activities for example surveillance on a person, object or address, information gathering, a mobile phone trace, a car gps monitoring, finding goods and persons or doing investigations in a sensitive issue, you can fully count on Strongwood private investigators to do the job.


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