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Dutch litigation support

One of our primary services is litigation and conflict support. We apply the full scope of our intelligence, information collection, analysis and operational skills to assist our clients in promoting their business and legal interests. We help our clients adopt a pro-active approach to litigation and conflict resolution by providing intelligence that can be later used as evidence in court, while conducting closed room negotiations, or with any other third party or authority. Information of this type critically affects the strategy and advice that our clients receive from their lawyers and other advisers.

Evidence Collection and Analysis

We offer active involvement in our clients’ efforts to establish the evidential foundation of their cases. Using unique collection skills, we work together with your legal teams, providing them with relevant materials and reports on specific areas of interest to help the legal team promote your interests. Evidence collection also includes identifying and locating potential witnesses, and assistance in assessing the strength of adversaries’ evidence and asset structure.

Analysis of Interests and Conflicts

Understanding your opponent is a key element when building a strategy for a complex situation. Strongwood supports litigation processes by identifying your opponents’ vulnerabilities, interests, priorities and strategy. Using our unique intelligence methodology, Strongwood enhances your decision making by providing otherwise unobtainable information. We help you identify their adversaries’ sensitive points or vulnerabilities, or evidence of their misconduct.

Identifying Misconduct & Developing Leverage

Drawing on our experience of fraud investigation and analyzing complex (often offshore) company structures, Strongwood identify instances of criminality in your counterparties’ operations, such as VAT fraud, involvement with organised crime or sanctions violations. We then work closely with you in order to ensure that the information is used to maximum effect, be it by appealing to regulatory authorities, or by bringing criminal or civil actions in cases such as fraud, bribery or terror financing.


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